Introduction to a Murky story in Nukecrest


I know you all have heard and read all about Murkland and the faction neighborhoods:  Burner Faction, Mad Mud Faction, Mutant Faction, and Acquisition Faction.  Well I have a new story for you about an orphan teen left all alone after the apocalypse.

This is Jaxton Munson. After his family died in the apocalypse, he found himself homeless running in the debris of streets left from the apocalypse. A mercantile employee found him running around and scavaging for uncontaminated and edible food. The boy begged him to allow him to join one of the factions so he could move to a better area, but the factions are strict and no children or teens are allowed without adult supervision.

The mercantile employee had some pity for the poor fellow, after watching him give up his last bit of food to a small orphan child who was starving. So he let him move into Nukecrest, so long as he was willing to abide by the Mercantile rules and sign a contract stating he would work hard finding precious rocks, plants, fish to sell to the mercantile and in exchange he was given a piece of land to camp on and a contract that he had not fully read before signing.

03-04-17_4-55-40 PM

Jaxton was very happy to leave the debris of the apocalypse for his new empty lot. Though he knew he had a lot of hard work to do. If he wanted to stay here and survive,  he was going to have to find some food fast and he needed to start scavaging for supplies to sell to the Mercantile soon.

03-04-17_5-00-59 PM

So he started right away and found some rocks near by.03-04-17_5-07-18 PM

Then not far off he found some plants. Maybe this won’t be so bad at all. Must remember to read the rest of that contract soon. I don’t want to get kicked out of Nukecrest! 03-04-17_5-05-26 PM

He found some abandoned food on a picnic table near a fishing area. Hmm yummm! Jaxton was sure he had won the lottery! His life was definitely looking up. You can’t find good grub like this in the midst of the apocalypse street debris! 03-04-17_5-20-46 PM

Still checking out his new neighborhood and surroundings he noticed this giant racoon walking by. He thought to himself …. that must be one of those mutant racoons I heard rumors about! I wander if they are safe to talk too? Don’t make eye contact … let him walk by …. whew! Maybe I’ll be braver next time I see one. 03-04-17_5-18-04 PM

Woohoo! A frog! I bet the mercantile will buy frogs too. I hope he is worth some simoleons.03-04-17_5-23-39 PM

Jaxton also found an outhouse! No safe running water inside, but a place to relieve his bladder is very much appreciated, when you don’t even have a bush on your own home lot!03-04-17_5-24-46 PM

He later found a nice bench to sleep on. Much better than the ashes and crumbled debris he had before!03-04-17_5-29-00 PM

The very next day he found a more food on the picnic tables and Jeep Girl. He quickly sat down and helped himself to some food and introduced himself. He found out she is a member of the Burner Faction. This is great he thinks to himself. I know I read something in that contract about needing to make friends with faction members and a few other requirements needed to gain access to travel/visit the faction neighborhoods and Granite Falls. Must re-read the rest of that contract soon!03-04-17_5-51-16 PM

This is Nukecrest National Park. It is only open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Something about preserving and keeping the Ecosystem balanced. It seems the other days the park is closed so it can recuperate and regain it’s complex eco-balance. It has one small hot spring where I can wash up! They keep it gated and locked up on the closed days.03-04-17_5-36-37 PM

Well after only 2 days I was able to sell off my plants and rocks. I bought this tent to sleep in and a trash can. Supposedly according to my contract I need to start growing trash plants. I need at least 16 plants, so I better get started! 03-04-17_6-00-42 PM

The Nukecrest National Park has a nice pond with fish jumping, but I was not able to catch any.03-04-17_5-45-13 PM

This contract says I have to go to survival classes every Tuesday and Thursday! Really I have to go to school! oh well at least it’s only 2 days a week! Though I would much rather spend the time looking for frogs, plants, and rocks to sell!03-04-17_6-02-56 PM

My first trash pile. I made enough money to fence it off and buy this radio. I hope that fence keeps me from throwing the trash pile away. I also found enough rocks so I kept some and made this nice firepit. How do you like it?03-04-17_6-34-03 PM

Well I found out you can reach under the other fence and grab the trash pile. I think I’ll try this one out and see if it is any better at keeping me from throwing out the trash pile! 03-04-17_6-46-54 PM

After a few more days I decided to buy this table and supplies and try my luck at yard selling. I hope the Mercantile Company doesn’t mind a little bit of competition. They don’t always pay very good prices and scavaging is hard and dirty work! I really need to sit down and read the whole contract they made me sign! Maybe I’ll have time tomorrow! 03-05-17_3-54-24 PM

4 thoughts on “Introduction to a Murky story in Nukecrest

  1. Love your story line and that you used a contract — like I did! Great thinking! Also love that you have to go to survival classes. You are doing great on the challenge! Yes, I also found out about the fences and that you can reach under them to take the trash! This is sort of a mash-up challenge – Run-Away Teen and Murkland! Good for you! Looking forward to reading more chapters with Jaxton.

    • Enjoyed your tale of Jaxon starting out in Nukecrest! At first, I couldn’t figure out why Jaxon started out with so little, then realized you’re combining rules from the Runaway Teen Challenge with the Murkland Starter Challenge!
      Will you be eventually fillingJaxon’s Nukecrest with more of your own builds, too? I love your store! Ooh, a lot with a pond! Well, that solves eastern Nukecrest’s biggest drawback: no fishing. Now I’m off to read about what else Jaxon’s been up to.

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